NH Senate Republicans Meet with Hospital CEOs Regarding Patient Access Concerns

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Concord, NH – Senator Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford), Senator Sam Cataldo (R-Farmington) and Senator Nancy Stiles (R-Hampton) made the following statements after a meeting with Senate Republicans and CEO’s from hospitals excluded from Anthem’s narrow network:

Senator Sanborn said, " With each passing day we hear more and more about how patients will face increased challenges to receiving needed medical care because their doctor or hospital was excluded from the provider network available on the new Health Care Exchange under Obamacare. The Exchanges were supposed to provide affordable access to high quality health care for everyone. That appears to be an empty promise for some people, particularly people in rural areas or people with transportation issues. People may have insurance but what good is that if they can’t access their doctor? Just like hundreds of hard working medical professionals across the state, we are deeply concerned that narrow networks will have a negative impact on the availability of care patients receive. "

Senator Cataldo added, " There is a growing awareness that the new healthcare delivery system runs the risk of negatively affecting people’s lives. We remain supportive and committed to making sure that patients understand the new challenges facing them under Obamacare regulations and to help ensure they can continue to access the same high quality of care they’ve always received in New Hampshire. I commend Frisbee Memorial Hospital and the other hospitals for the work they are doing to educate patients about changes in how they receive healthcare. We will continue to pay close attention to the impacts of Obamacare and will work to protect taxpayers and patients."


Senator Stiles said, "I remain greatly concerned about the exclusion of hospitals in the network and its impact on our community care facilities in the Seacoast area. Families First, who does a wonderful job reaching out and serving many of my constituents, has a working partnership with Portsmouth Hospital who is no longer included in Anthem's network. Our goal should be to support affordable healthcare and access for all our citizens and I will continue to work towards that end."