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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on the draft issued by the Medicaid Expansion Commission today:

"Republicans and Democrats share the goal of expanding access to health care for New Hampshire's low income families. However, Republicans understand that the best way to reach this objective is to include access to high quality private insurance instead of following Governor Hassan's plan to push them into a financially struggling entitlement program.

"The recommendations issued by the Medicaid Expansion Commission show that even members of Governor Hassan's own party are abandoning her fiscally irresponsible proposal. The Democrat-controlled commission watered down the governor's plan and will not endorse a full expansion of government insurance without any questions asked.

"Republicans are willing to work across the aisle to craft a sensible solution for New Hampshire. We understand that it is important to address this problem in a way that reforms Medicaid, helps low-income people get private insurance, and prevents a fiscal crisis that will impose an income tax on Granite State families."