AFPNH - Stop Medicaid Expansion today!

Believe that Medicaid Expansion would be Wrong for New Hampshire?!

Then we need you to tell your State Senator today!

Medicaid Expansion is neither in the fiscal best interest of our state nor in the physical best interest of our residents who would be dumped from high-quality private insurance into the failing and bloated Medicaid system.

That is why we are proud to bring together a coalition of conservative organizations who are committed to stopping Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire and finding a better solution than ObamaCare. Our coalition includes: Americans For Prosperity, Cornerstone Action, Granite State Taxpayers, New Hampshire Advantage Coalition, Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire and the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers.

You can read more about it in this article.

These groups are all united against the assault on both quality health care and the taxpayers of this state who will be forced to pay for Medicaid expansion.

All that is missing is YOU!

Please contact your Senator ASAP and let them know you OPPOSE Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire.

If the federal government breaks another ObamaCare promise, it could cost us hundreds of millions each year.  

Tell your State Senator Medicaid Expansion is Wrong for New Hampshire today!

Live Free or Die,

Greg Moore
State Director
Americans for Prosperity - New Hampshire