CEI Weekly: CEI VP a Finalist for Brexit Prize




Featured Story: CEI VP a Finalist for Brexit Prize


How might the United Kingdom best extract itself from the European Union?  Iain Murray, vice president for strategy at the CEI, and Rory Broomfield, Deputy Director of The Freedom Association and Director of Better Off Out, have put forward a deregulatory plan that has earned them a spot in the final round of a “Brexit” contest by one of Britain’s leading think tanks, the Institute of Economic Affairs. Read more here.


CEI Podcast


October 30, 2013: Bringing Transparency to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  (Listen here)


George Mason University law professor and Mercatus Center senior scholar Todd Zywicki discusses his paper, “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Savior or Menace?” His thesis is that this “independent agency inside another independent agency, presided over by a single director who is insulated from presidential removal,” which is also immune to Congress’ power of the purse, is a return to a Nixon-era approach to agency structure. He gives several recommendations for improving actual consumer protection.

Shaping the Debate


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A Third Challenge to the IRS' Illegal Obamacare Taxes Proceeds to the Merits (Link)

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Alcohol Crimes Decline After Liquor Sales Privatization (Link)

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Best of the Blogs


Will the Bureau of Land Management Blow the Obama Administration's Cover--and Openly Declare War on Coal?  (Read on GlobalWarming)

By Marlo Lewis


Corporate Culture Makes a Difference--In Business and in Baseball (Read on OpenMarket)

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FAA to Allow Portable Electronic Devices During All Flight Phases (Read on OpenMarket)

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Mel Watt Fails Taxpayer, Privacy, Transparency Tests (Read on OpenMarket)

By John Berlau




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