NRSC - Sen. Shaheen Continues Support For Obamcare even Though 61,000 NH women will lose Coverage

ObamaCare has been a disaster for families, businesses and workers – but now we’re seeing what a nightmare it will be for women in New Hampshire. The Congressional Budget Office admitted as far back as 2009 that “relatively few nongroup policies would remain grandfathered by 2016.”

But Democrat Jeanne Shaheen ignored these warnings and steadfastly supported ObamaCare. Now, not only will healthy women see their premiums skyrocket increasing by 169 percent or about $127 per month, but as many as 61,000 women across the state in the individual insurance market stand to lose their health insurance.

The CBO’s warning is now becoming a reality for women across New Hampshire.  In New Hampshire, young women, mothers, sisters, aunts, and seniors will be impacted by the onerous and expensive impact of ObamaCare; women that are losing their health insurance, fearing the upcoming doctor shortage or paying for exponentially more expensive premiums.

"The fact is ObamaCare could hurt tens of thousands of women throughout New Hampshire, yet Jeanne Shaheen still stands by the unpopular law," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "New Hampshire women trusted Shaheen when she promised them low health care costs and that they could keep their plan if they liked it. Jeanne Shaheen knew that many New Hampshire women would lose their health care plans under ObamaCare, yet she continued to deceive them and promise otherwise. Now, women in New Hampshire who are faced with limited health care choices, rising costs and are losing their current health care plan know that Jeanne Shaheen can no longer be trusted to keep her word."


SHAHEEN: “The Health Care Plan We Are Working On In Congress Will Let People Keep Their Doctor And Their Insurance Plan If They Like It, expand coverage options for people that need it, and stabilize costs for families, businesses and our economy. I look forward to continuing the effort and to achieve comprehensive health care reform that works for all Americans.” (Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, “Shaheen Discusses Health Care With New Hampshire Seniors,” Press Release, 8/21/09)