APIA’s Autopsy Report, Statement on Immigration from Conservative Leaders, and more

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American Principles in Action’s Report – “Building a Winning GOP Coalition: The Lessons of 2012”
Two weeks ago, American Principles in Action released a new report entitled, “Building a Winning GOP Coalition: The Lessons of 2012.”  This report takes a hard-hitting and essentially political look at the 2012 election, and offers analysis and recommendations on how the GOP must move forward to build a winning strategy.

APIA’s report received much attention over the past two weeks, especially in relation to the Virginia and New Jersey Governor races, and looking forward to the GOP’s strategy in 2014 and beyond.
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Statement from Conservative Leaders on Pending Immigration Legislation in the House of Representatives
American Principles in Action and the American Conservative Union, along with more than fifteen conservative leaders, released a statement today regarding the upcoming immigration debate. The statement reads:
“America needs immigration reform. With over 76 million “Baby Boomers” retiring by 2030 and only 46 million Americans poised to take their place in the workforce, it’s clear we need a forward-looking market-based immigration policy which allows for a growing economy and a labor blueprint that plans for the future…”
Click here to read the full statement.
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“A national effort to unify education standards across America and help American children compete more effectively with students in better-performing nations is actually a dumbing-down of America’s schools, takes away local control, handcuffs good teachers and opens the door for ideological manipulation of our kids.
Common Core was developed in recent years as a means of establishing nationwide learning standards, and the vast majority of states signed on, even before the standards were spelled out. And critics of the plan say the emerging reality of Common Core is far different from what was promised.
“It was sold to the states and the federal government on a series of slogans. The slogans were that it would be state-led, that the standards would be evidence-based, internationally benchmarked, that is on par with what other high-performing countries teach and that the standards would be rigorous,” said Emmett McGroarty, education director at APIA Common Core.”
WND: “Schools Producing More Dummies than Ever”
“If there's any boon for Republicans from the government shutdown, it's this: the GOP's unprofitable alliance with big business may finally be over. Corporate leaders are reportedly at wit's end with conservatives over their recent display of brinksmanship, but the discord really should go the other way. There's nothing wrong with big business per se, but to win elections again, the Republican Party needs to respond to the economic concerns of workers rather than the bosses.
The GOP's 2012 defeat was the epitome of this disconnect. To quantify the economic issue mix of the Romney campaign, we analyzed in a recent white paper the content of over 120 television ads that Romney, the Republican National Committee and major allied Super PACs collectively spent $400 million to run. These commercials emphasized unemployment, debt, and Romney's background as a job creator. “
Read more here: “What the GOP Needs to do to Win Elections Again”, CNBC and featured on the Drudge Report – Op-ed by Rich Danker, Director of APIA Gold