ALG's Daily Grind - Just who the heck do we think we are?


Nov. 1, 2013

Just who the heck do we think we are?

Instead of complaining about Germany and China's big surpluses, maybe we should try competing with them for a change.

Politics of the possible?

Fred Upton's not-so-bright idea: Rather than push for a real solution to Obamacare now that some Democrats are approaching panic mode as their constituents and supporters are getting the higher premiums and dropped policies, push legislation that delays the problem for another year.

J'accuse! EPA's carbon dioxide regulations would endanger public health and welfare

Some 29,000 Britons died in this past winter because they could not afford to heat their homes properly, due to soaring energy costs resulting from the UK's renewable energy and climate change policies.

It's time to put the Federal Reserve out of business

The result of the Federal Reserve hasn't been stability, but one economic bubble after another.