Josiah Bartlett Center - Ray Burton’s Detail Oriented Approach is One We’ll All Miss

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Ray Burton’s political legacy is unusual and unique. Burton made his mark over almost forty years as a public figure like no other in an institution that doesn’t exist anywhere else. While there is much other politicians would do well to copy, it is unlikely he will ever be replaced or duplicated and the state will be poorer because of it.... Click here to keep reading.


Obamacare Problems More than Website

A Disaster Years in the Making

President Obama says “the product is great” and that “it’s more than just a website.” But he’s scapegoating the online disaster for problems with the law that we’ve known were coming for three years... Click here to keep reading.

With Special Guest PJ O'Rourke!

Join us on November 21st as we honor Senate President Chuck Morse, with the 2013 Libertas Award.... Click here to buy tickets.


3.9 Million Transactions and Counting


The Josiah Bartlett Center's government transparency site has every last state transactions through the end of May 2013. Haven't used the siteyet? Click here to start looking!