ICYMI: Foster's Daily Democrat: Senate has the better bill

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


With a Thursday vote expected on a deal to expand Medicaid, Gov. Maggie Hassan is calling on the Legislature to strike a “constructive compromise.”

Unfortunately, the compromise she is advocating and which is being touted on the House side is based on a false premise.

For the most part, the House and Senate plans are similar. They both work to find a way to expand Medicaid and cover more of the state’s uninsured, now that the Affordable Care Act is coming online.

The point was made recently by the N.H. Liberty Caucus (Exploring the myths of a Medicaid expansion, Nov. 12) and columnist Charlie Arlinghaus (Bad timing makes GOP plan same as Dems’ — Nov. 17). Both argue the lack of difference, albeit in somewhat different ways.

We, on the other hand, believe there is at least one difference which should put the Senate bill on the governor’s desk for signing.

Both plans start in the same place, by expanding Medicaid straight away. However, the Senate plan moves new enrollees to private insurance programs come 2015 using Medicaid funds to subsidize coverage. By contrast, the House plan does so by 2017 only if there are at least three insurers sign up to offer plans through the health-care exchange.

And therein lies the problem.

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