NHDP -When Will Senate Republicans Finally Offer A Compromise that Actually Works?

Concord - After coming clean that he actually wanted to "delay [Medicaid] expansion entirely" almost a week ago, Senate President is still refusing to come to the table and compromise.  Morse stopped negotiating, went to the Portsmouth Herald's editorial board, and said that  "from his viewpoint, the alternative is not the House plan... but to simply delay expansion entirely until the waivers were in hand."  New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein released the following statement on Morse still refusing to compromise almost a full week later:

"Independent experts have made clear that the Senate plan has serious flaws, as has the New Hampshire Department of Insurance, and even Republican Senator Nancy Stiles was forced to admit the Senate plan could require an 'emergency fix' in a few months.  What possible reason could Morse have to still be clinging to his unworkable and unfeasable plan unless his real goal is to delay expansion entirely? All it took was one threat of a primary challenge from the Tea Party and Morse and the Senate Republican caucus turned their backs on the thousands of working families and taxpayers who would benefit from expansion.

"Rather than comprise and adopt the commonsense solutions put forward by the bipartisan Medicaid Expansion Committee, Republicans have dug in their heels.  Clearly, with all of their stalling, delaying, and refusing to compromise, Concord Republicans are following the lead of Republicans in Congress.  Shame on them.  Their unwillingness to work together is a sharp contrast to the continued efforts by Democrats to reach across the aisle and find a bipartisan deal that meets the needs of New Hampshire working families and taxpayers."