Testerman For US Senate - Shaheen Voted for Individual and Group Plan Cancellations

CONCORD - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, called out Jeanne Shaheen for making promises she did not keep about Obamacare and for supporting the cancellation of individual and group insurance plans. President Obama continues to deceive the American people when the biggest cancellations are yet to come.

"President Obama and Shaheen told us that we could keep our insurance plans if we liked our plans," Testerman said, "and Shaheen said that this was a requirement for her support of the bill (link). Jeanne Shaheen went back on her word. She opted to push those in the individual market and in the employer-based market off their plans and into Obama-approved plans that can cost more and deliver less. This is all part of the plan.

"The worst of the cancellations Shaheen supported are ahead and will come as we approach the employer mandate in January 2015. People with health insurance through their employers should not consider themselves safe from these cancellations."

The Obama administration now emphasizes that cancellations have only occurred in the small individual market. Just as we saw millions of plans cancelled as we approach the individual mandate, we will also see cancellations, with a far-reaching impact, as we approach the employer mandate, unilaterally extended by the president to January 2015.

Jeanne Shaheen should have known that the grandfather clause provided weak and temporary protection against government intrusion into our health insurance decisions. On June 17, 2010, Health and Human Services expected that, by the end of 2013, a majority of employer-provided plans would not be grandfathered (See Table 3).

"Months after this HHS prediction was made public, Senator Enzi proposed a bill to protect us against these cancellations by overturning the grandfather restriction," Testerman said. "Jeanne Shaheen voted against remedying the situation.

"Obamacare requires people to buy Obama-approved plans. Jeanne Shaheen on multiple occasions approved of government-caused cancellations of health insurance plans in order to force people into Obama-approved plans. Now she is playing PR politics by trying to distance herself from her firm votes approving these cancellations."