NHDP -How Unworkable Is Morse's Medicaid Plan? Even His Own Caucus Doesn't Support It.

Concord - In case you missed it, Majority Leader Jeb Bradley admitted today that Senate President Chuck Morse's unworkable Medicaid Expansion plan doesn't have enough Republican support to pass the Senate tomorrow.  Bradley told NHPR that Morse doesn't have the votes and "getting any plan through the GOP-controlled senate will require bipartisan support."  While Senator Morse has rejected numerous proposals from the House, Governor, and bipartisan Medicaid Expansion Commission out of hand, his own flawed scheme has neither the support of his caucus nor the votes to pass to the senate.
"After admitting expansion needs Democrats and Republicans to pass, why are Republicans still refusing to consider constructive compromises from Democrats? It is pretty clear they don't actually want a bill to pass at all," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  "What excuse will Chuck Morse and the reckless Republicans in the Senate offer the people New Hampshire tomorrow when the Senate fails to pass any Medicaid Expansion plan? What twisted explanation will they have for why they refused to compromise with Democrats in even the slightest way after their unworkable and fiscally irresponsible bill is killed by members of both parties?"

The full report from NHPR is below.
NHPR: Medicaid Compromise Looking Dicey
Audio available here: http://nhpr.org/post/medicaid-compromise-looking-dicey
Gov. Maggie Hassan has spent the last several days taking her push to expand Medicaid out side of Concord, and into the districts of GOP Senators.
Speaking at SNHU, in the home district of Republican David Boutin, Hassan said the GOP needs to bend.
"Every time we put forward a compromise, we are told that it’s no good, it’s still their original plan."
Back at the statehouse, Senate President Chuck Morse insisted that’s not true.
"We are open to suggestions.'
But when asked that included the possibility of extending the one year timetable for new beneficiaries  to begin getting insurance on the new federal exchanges -- an extension Hassan and state insurance officials say is needed for the Senate’s proposal to work --   Morse says no.
"No, because I think what you are doing, is creating Medicaid expansion, because the public does not want an entitlement program coming into the state and keep living on."
It remains unclear, however, if Morse can muster the votes for the senate to pass the plan he favors.
Majority leader Jeb Bradley says getting any plan through the GOP-controlled senate will require bipartisan support.