Political Headlines - November 22, 2013

  • The news hit, a rogue wave: sudden, unthinkable, savage: For Boston as for nowhere else, the death of the president was a death in the family. Word spread in an instant by Cronkite and by word of mouth. Then the city froze in place, to watch and mourn, for what seemed one endless 72-hour day. Eric Moskowitz details the assassination in the JFK: 50 Years Later series.

  • Democrats curtail Senate filibusters: Democrats voted to eliminate the use of filibusters to block most presidential appointments, a move Republicans said their opponents would regret. Matt Viser and Noah Bierman report.

  • Group to track Walsh's diversity record: A new coalition plans to hold Mayor-elect Martin Walsh accountable for campaign promises about creating a more inclusive administration. Akilah Johnson details the latest.

  • The wages of compromise on Beacon Hill: It remains to be seen whether the issue of raising the minimum wage will be backed by a broad coalition or become the subject of a pitched business-labor battle. Scot Lehigh reports.

  • Arne Duncan finally speaks his mind: The education secretary caused a stir when he made a comment about "white suburban moms" while discussing opposition to the Common Core. Carlo Rotella details the story.