HotAir Daily Express 11/21/2013

Hot Air Daily Express

New GOP strategy on ObamaCare: Let it burn
11/21/2013 10:01:06 AM  Ed Morrissey
After the government shutdown over ObamaCare fizzled in mid-October, people wondered whether the GOP would try the same strategy again in early 2014 to force an end to the ACA.  The Hill reports that the House and Senate Republican caucuses are now

Reid to propose the nuclear option today?
11/21/2013 9:21:18 AM  Ed Morrissey
Is today the beginning of the end of the filibuster in the US Senate? So says the Huffington Post, but it’s not yet clear whether Harry Reid has the votes to pull it off.  After a number of false alarms, though, Reid may not have much credibility

WaPo: No, you can’t keep your doctor or your hospital in ObamaCare
11/21/2013 8:41:09 AM  Ed Morrissey
The collapse of the “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” pledge has outraged millions of Americans who got cancellation notices from insurer over the last few weeks.  The second part of that pledge, in which Barack Obama promised

The myth of the “80% unaffected by Obamacare” meme
11/21/2013 8:01:59 AM  Jazz Shaw
This is one of those “I have a bone to pick” columns in terms of the media’s coverage of the ongoing Obamacare train wreck, so bear with me. Yesterday I was having my coffee and watching Morning Joe (you know… like ya do), when

41 Price Doubles Set to Happen Tomorrow

A certain corner of the market is now seeing stocks “break out” at an average rate of 26 per day. Twenty-six! To be regarded as a breakout, a stock must move by 100% (or greater) in a single day. It’s making a lot of people rich, starting with just a measly $50 up front. The next time a $50 bill ends up in your hand, set it aside. You’ll wish you had it after learning the following details.

Quotes of the day
11/20/2013 10:41:38 PM  Allahpundit
A top tech official for the ObamaCare exchanges said just days before the launch of the troubled health law website that people inside the White House were nervous the site would be unavailable after its launch and would be a big embarrassment, Fox News

Study: Nope, government pre-K programs still not actually helping kids
11/20/2013 10:01:29 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
In January of this year, the federal government finally released a long-awaited study of Head Start’s impact on the low-income children it’s meant to help. The impact was pretty much none. As I wrote in January: For the second time in two

Good news: Oregon’s exchange hopes to be functional by day after Dec. 15 deadline for 2014 coverage
11/20/2013 9:21:56 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
No wonder the OFA conference call was moving goalposts all the way to March the other day: OFA chief Jon Carson tells OFA conference call that the "biggest push" to enroll people will come in March — Olivier Knox (@OKnox) November 19,

Awesome: Venezuela’s Maduro gets his “emergency decree powers”
11/20/2013 8:41:11 PM  Erika Johnsen
Finally, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has the proper executive tools he needs to combat the “parasitic bourgeoisie” and the imperialist conspirators waging “economic war” on his regime by inducing shortages of even the most

Rubio on his anti-bailout bill: The insurance industry under ObamaCare is headed for a death spiral
11/20/2013 8:01:18 PM  Allahpundit
I was tempted to subhead this as “comedy gold” because … Rubio’s new O-Care bill would increase the risk of a death spiral. Right? Remember, the “risk corridor” (a.k.a. bailout) provisions of the law say that if a plan

Seven states have now straight-up rejected Obama’s faux insurance “fix”
11/20/2013 7:21:47 PM  Erika Johnsen
Almost immediately after President Obama announced his questionably legal, blame-shifting “administrative fix” for the millions of Americans whose plans are being cancelled via ObamaCare’s most august auspices, a few states came out

Next ObamaCare dilemma for Obama: Break the law to let people buy subsidized plans directly from insurers or not?
11/20/2013 6:41:47 PM  Allahpundit
I’ve flagged this issue before — Time magazine was on it before the end of October, in fact — but Megan McArdle’s right that it’s worth revisiting now, with Sebelius hinting that people shouldn’t expect too much from

House teeing up on oil-and-gas permitting, fracking bills; White House immediately issues veto threats on both
11/20/2013 6:01:18 PM  Erika Johnsen
The Obama administration is unfailingly fond of implying that the credit for the United States’ growing energy production and lessened oil imports belongs to the effectiveness and the foresight of their domestic energy policies, the majority of our

Scott Walker: I’m not for amnesty, I’m for making legal immigration easier
11/20/2013 5:21:21 PM  Allahpundit
Is there any Republican anywhere, whether running for dog catcher or president of the United States, who cops to being for “amnesty”? McCain doesn’t. Lindsey Graham doesn’t. Marco Rubio certainly doesn’t. All of them take

NC small business owner: ObamaCare is driving me to drink
11/20/2013 4:41:03 PM  Erika Johnsen
In their struggle to defend the ostensibly still-to-come merits of ObamaCare, Democrats are continuing to steamroll over the “anecdotal” economic concerns of individuals and small businesses with blithe assurances about ObamaCare

Brutal Quinnipiac poll of Colorado: Obama’s job approval at 36/59, Hillary now trails three Republican contenders
11/20/2013 4:01:56 PM  Allahpundit
The worst state poll of his presidency? It’s his worst Quinnipiac state poll for sure, by their own admission, which is significant for two reasons. One: Colorado is, of course, a famously purple state and bellwether, one which helped Bush to the

Video: Will the US remain in Afghanistan until 2024?
11/20/2013 3:21:01 PM  Ed Morrissey
Barack Obama promised American voters that the US would end its operations in Afghanistan by next year, but NBC News reported last night on a new plan to continue training and support operations for another decade. The agreement being worked out with

The Ed Morrissey Show: Guy Benson, Mary Katharine Ham
11/20/2013 2:51:57 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), it’s time again for our Salem All-Stars! Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham join me today to discuss the ObamaCare follies, and everything else in the news. Don’t miss it! The Ed Morrissey Show and its

Sebelius: On second thought, we probably shouldn’t have launched that ObamaCare website on October 1
11/20/2013 2:41:41 PM  Allahpundit
Is this news? On the one hand, of course they shouldn’t have launched it on October 1. That the site wasn’t ready to handle traffic isn’t a matter of political debate, it’s a fact. The only people who disagree are the lowest of

Video: Who’s up for another non-concession nuclear concession from Iran?
11/20/2013 2:01:33 PM  Ed Morrissey
“There’s so much drama in these talks,” CNN’s Reza Sayah reports this morning, but he may be the only one who thinks that about the decade-plus efforts to get Iran to abide by the terms of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Maryland, Oregon exchanges still stuck in technological limbo
11/20/2013 1:21:17 PM  Erika Johnsen
For lack of better news to tout, the White House has lately been including the relatively more robust ObamaCare enrollment going on in some of the various state-controlled exchanges in their daily talking points rather than focusing on their own federal

Video: website crashes during Sebelius PR event … again
11/20/2013 12:41:59 PM  Ed Morrissey
Remember when this happened in Pittsburgh in the second week of the ObamaCare rollout? At least this time, Kathleen Sebelius signed up more people on her visit yesterday to South Florida than she did in Pennsylvania. A whopping two people managed to get

Obama: Republicans are partly to blame for ObamaCare fiasco, you know
11/20/2013 12:01:53 PM  Ed Morrissey
Call this the Tinkerbell Argument — the notion that ObamaCare’s failures can be partly blamed on a failure to applaud it enthusiastically enough.  The Affordable Care Act passed in 2010 with no Republican votes, but with its own funding

Video: Bush does “The Tonight Show”
11/20/2013 11:21:20 AM  Allahpundit
A morning palate cleanser, fortuitously timed to coincide with The One’s approval rating sinking ever closer to the depths reached by Dubya in his second term. Per The Hill, Obama may already be less popular than Bush ever was with …

Nat’l Journal poll: Most believe ObamaCare redistributive, unlikely to benefit them
11/20/2013 10:41:47 AM  Ed Morrissey
National Journal’s polling has shown more stability in American assessments of the Affordable Care Act than most other pollsters, especially CBS and the Washington Post/ABC polls.  Their latest survey follows the same pattern, with responses on