NHDP -Why is Kelly Ayotte Blocking Judicial Nominees with Dysfunctional DC Republicans?

Concord – Kelly Ayotte is blocking the President’s judicial nominees along with the same dysfunctional national Republicans who forced the federal government shutdown.  Over the last four weeks, Senator Ayotte has joined national Republicans and filibustered 75% of the President’s judicial nominees. [Vote, 10/31/2013; Vote, 11/12/2013; Vote, 11/18/2013] The Washington Post editorial board called Ayotte’s filibuster votes “unfair, unwise and bad for the functioning of the government.” [Washington Post, 11/17/2014]

“Kelly Ayotte loves to remind everyone she meets she once was a prosecutor, but how then can she possibly defend intentionally slowing down the judicial system by filibustering judges and not even giving them an up or down vote?” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “Ayotte has gone Washington and turned her back on traditional New Hampshire values.  Her own nomination to be Attorney General received an up or down, yes or no, vote.  Why does she think these distinguished judges don’t deserve the same basic level of respect she received?”

Republican Former Senator Olympia Snowe chided the filibuster votes.  “It does contribute to the whole perception, the reality that the Congress is consistently dysfunctional and can’t agree on anything,” she said. “When you have these back-to-back rejections of nominees, at some point it may be trying to reverse the results of the election.” [Politico, 11/17/2013]

“Is this series of petty partisan votes, Senator Ayotte’s pathetic attempt to overturn the 2012 election results?” asked Kirstein.  “Or is Ayotte following through the promise made by her Republican colleagues at a press conference she attended, to block every Presidential nominee over a false and discredited report about the consulate attacks in Benghazi?"

Ayotte spoke at a partisan press conference where Republicans threatened hold up all presidential nominees in the U.S. Senate based on a report from CBS news about the consulate attacks in Benghazi.  While CBS has recanted their initial story and apologized for airing it, Ayotte has stood by the partisan press conference and her continues touting the false information.

[Twitter 10/27/2013Ayotte.senate.gov; Facebook, 10/30/2013; YouTube, 10/30/2013]  Last week, Ayotte even refused to apologize for politicking with the discredited report. [Union Leader,11/15/2013