NHDP - Partisan Kelly Ayotte Gridlocks National Security, Blocks 1% Pay Hike For Troops

Concord - Kelly Ayotte continued filibustering important votes this week in the Senate, voting yesterday to block pay increases for all active military and uniformed civilian personnel.  Had Ayotte put her relentless desire for partisan obstruction aside, nearly two-thousand New Hampshire citizens would have received a one-percent pay increase.  In New Hampshire, 675 active military personnel and 1,047 civilian personnel would receive pay increases for serving their country. [Census.gov]

“Kelly Ayotte continues to put the partisan goals of national Republican insiders ahead of the people of New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “For weeks her partisan obstruction targeted the federal court system blocking judicial nominees from receiving a simple yes or no confirmation vote, now she is targeting brave men and women serving in uniform in the Granite State and across the country.”

Over the last four weeks, Senator Ayotte has joined national Republicans and filibustered 75% of the President’s judicial nominees. [Vote, 10/31/2013; Vote, 11/12/2013; Vote, 11/18/2013] The Washington Post editorial board called Ayotte’s filibuster votes “unfair, unwise and bad for the functioning of the government.” [Washington Post, 11/17/2014] Republican Former Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine said the filibuster votes “contribute to the whole perception, the reality that the Congress is consistently dysfunctional.”  [Politico, 11/17/2013]

Previously, Ayotte lent support to Republicans threatening to filibuster all presidential nominees.  Their dysfunctional partisan stunt was based on a discredited report from CBS News about the consulate attacks in Benghazi.  While CBS has recanted their initial story and apologized for airing it, Ayotte and her fellow Republicans stood by the partisan press conference, and have refused to apologize for touting the false information. [Union Leader,11/15/2013

While voting to gridlock the federal government, Ayotte has been paying lip service to people frustrated with the dysfunction she has caused. On her official Senate website, Ayotte decried the “raw politics” that prevents “the ‘world's greatest deliberative body’ from debating and voting.” [ayotte.senate.gov]

“Her record is disappointingly clear; Kelly Ayotte routinely puts partisanship above people.  She has turnedher back on traditional New Hampshire values and gone Washington,” added Kirstein. “The next time Kelly Ayotte goes looking for why Washington is broken, she need look no farther than her own bathroom mirror.”