Political Headlines - November 25, 2013

  • More than a president was lost to time that day: Memory tends to mist the edges. JFK led a sharply split nation, in which almost as many disliked as admired him, and with great conflicts looming. He also led a family, broken in ways that can be hard to properly hold in mind. Kevin Cullen reports in the JFK: 50 Years Later series.

  • Lantigua still weighing recount challenge: Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua said he will announce Monday whether he will challenge the results of a recount in the city's mayoral race. Maria Sacchetti details the story. 

  • Opportunity for Lawrence: Lawrence mayor-elect Dan Rivera has a chance to be real change for the city, and hopes to unite it after a contentious election. Adrian Walker reports. 

  • City Hall exodus marks a new age: Some of Mayor Thomas Menino's top officials are heading for the exit before the new administration takes charge. Meghan E. Irons reports.