ALG's Daily Grind - Courts must stop Obamacare's 'taxation without representation'


Nov. 25, 2013

Courts must stop Obamacare's 'taxation without representation'
Halbig v. Sebilius case at the heart of this case is a simple question: Does the federal government have the right to tax and spend $700 billion worth of health care subsidies in the thirty-four states which declined to create state-administered health care exchanges under Obamacare? If not, Obamacare is toast.

The unwinding of America
Not having even a basic knowledge of our nation's history, the struggles to establish liberty, the unique freedom to practice religion, the sacrifices made to preserve the nation against threats both foreign and domestic leaves upcoming generations with no common thread that ties them together with their countrymen.

Poland recognizes the real global warming agenda
Representatives from the United States, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, and Poland formally sign the "Warsaw Declaration" against UN climate treaty.

Millennials who want to retire someday must oppose Janet Yellen
"[B]y all accounts, the Federal Reserve under Yellen's leadership would continue cycles of quantitative easing. Millennials are wise to oppose this policy, because negative interest rates will make it utterly impossible for any of us to ever retire."