NHDP - Crystal Clear

Friend –
Over the last week, Senate Republicans have tried to mislead you about wanting to expand Medicaid for 50,000 low-income Granite Staters. 
They had the audacity to tell us they want a compromise on Medicaid Expansion, but their actions spoke louder than words.  They defeated a bipartisan proposal passed with bipartisan support by the House.  They killed a Senate bill proposed by Democrats.  And they even stopped a bill written by the Republican Senate President. 
Now, more than ever, it is crystal clear what having a Democratic majority in the State Senate means for New Hampshire:  13 Democratic Senators would have passed Medicaid Expansion and delivered health insurance for 50,000 low income New Hampshire citizens.
The path to reaching 13 Democratic Senators continues on Wednesday, December 11 at the Senate Democratic Caucus Holiday Party.  Click here to join us in Concord as we continue our campaign to regain a Democratic majority.
If you missed, take a moment and read yesterday's Portsmouth Herald which calls out Senate Republicans for their ideological opposition to Medicaid Expansion:

In the end, none of this is up to the House or the Senate; it is up to we, the people. If we believe that improving the health of 49,000 men and women with tax dollars we are already paying is a good idea, then we must vote Republican senators out of office. If we believe that we should pay income taxes to the federal government to pay for people's health care in other states while our friends, family and neighbors suffer, then by all means, leave Republicans in control of the Senate.

Quite simply, New Hampshire cannot afford two more years of a Republican-controlled Senate.  Your support for the Senate Democratic Caucus today is necessary if we want to keep moving our state forward:
Best wishes,

Senator Donna Soucy