NHDP - ICYMI: NEC Poll Finds Broad Support for Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire

Concord -  By a 52-32 margin New Hampshire voters think that the state should have expanded Medicaid.  Undelcared voters support expansion by 51-23 margin.  The full poll can be seen here: http://www.nec.edu/pdf-files-1/nec-polling/NEC%20Poll%20Results%20November%202013_ms.pdf, a excerpt is below.

Question:  Among the issues being debated at the state capital in Concord include the expansion of health insurance for low income families through Medicaid. Do you think the state of New Hampshire should increase the eligibility for Medicaid to families with incomes up to $32,000 per year? If you strongly agree with Medicaid expansion please press 1, if you somewhat agree please press 2, if you are unsure or have no opinion please press 3, if you somewhat disagree please press 4, if you strongly disagree please press 5.