OurAmericanInitiative - Giving thanks



As we all get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, whether it be gathering with family and friends or just taking a break from hectic lives, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere THANKS to you.  Thanks for your friendship, and especially, thanks for your support of the Our America Initiative and the important work we are doing.
The fight for Liberty, individual freedom and economic opportunity has never been more important, and as I travel the country and talk to people from all walks of life, I am more convinced every day that America has never been more ready to listen to our alternatives to big government, endless deficit spending and needless foreign interventions.  
As the Honorary Chairman of Our America, I get to make the speeches, do the media interviews and put a voice to our beliefs and principles.  However, it is you, Our America’s supporters and friends, who give us the strength and the resources to take the fight for Liberty to every state and every community.
For that, I am personally grateful, and on behalf of the Our America Initiative, I want to express our thanks for all you do -- and for all we will be able to accomplish together in the months and years ahead.
Have a GREAT Thanksgiving! 
Gov. Gary Johnson
Honorary Chairman