Testerman For US Senate - Health Insurance Problems for the Holidays

CONCORD, NH - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, offered the following tips for people to help their friends and relatives understand Obamacare this holiday season, in response to the Health for the Holidays marketing campaign on barackobama.com (link).

This holiday season, millions of Americans have had their individual health insurance plans cancelled due to Obamacare, and many more will have their employer-provided health insurance plans cancelled in the coming year. You can play a big part in helping them understand the need to vote for Senators and Representatives who will push for the repeal of this harmful legislation.


In order to understand the magnitude of the failure so far and the impending disaster, you must be armed with some facts.

  1. Obamacare plans have been seen to have higher premiums and higher deductibles.
  2. Doctors are closing their practices because of the regulations in Obamacare.
  3. Obamacare is driving down the incentive to attend medical school. Fewer medical students means fewer doctors.
  4. Fewer doctors means longer waiting periods before seeing a doctor and a reduced quality of medical care.
  5. More people have had their coverage cancelled due to Obamacare than have signed up for Obama-approved plans.
  6. Some have had their working hours reduced to 29 hours.
  7. Healthcare.gov is not a secure site. Health and Human Services granted itself a waiver on security testing, which is standard operating procedure. The website has been the subject of many cyber attacks, and your personal information is at risk if entered on the website.
  8. The Obama administration has granted waivers and extensions to certain groups, but not to the whole country.
  9. President Obama and Democrat senators and representatives lied to us when they said we could keep our plans if we liked them. Democrat Senator Gillibrand from New York said they all knew that statement was false. 


Make sure you have a plan for when, where, and how you'll talk to your family about Obamacare. Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

    • Start early: Don't wait until the last minute-be sure to start the conversation early
    • Integrate the talk into family time: Take advantage of downtime after meals or between holiday activities to start your talk. 
    • Make it personal: Be honest about your feelings and why Obamacare is the worst legislation in the history of the United States.
    • Be persistent, but keep it positive: Do not let up about the negative effects of Obamacare and the increased cancellations that will be hitting millions across the country, but remember to stress that we can repeal Obamacare if people volunteer and donate to candidates who oppose such a government takeover of one-sixth of our economy. 


  1. Start by asking: "Has your healthcare insurance been cancelled? Do you like the idea of paying a fine if you cannot afford the higher premium prices under Obamacare?"
  2. Ask if they will help you: "Will you be willing to volunteer with me for conservative candidates up for election in 2014?"
  3. Ask them to make a plan and commit to it: "How many hours per week are you willing to volunteer in the next year to make sure conservative candidates across the country, especially in Senate seats, are elected so that we can repeal this disastrous law?"

What's important to communicate

  1. If your plan is cancelled, you will likely face higher premiums and higher deductibles - that means more money out of your pocket if you need medical care
  2. Even if your employer health insurance plan is still offered, you may be asked to pay a lot more than you already do
  3. If you are strapped for cash and cannot afford healthcare, you may be slammed with a fine by the federal government, leaving you worse off financially.
  4. Your doctor or hospital may not be available to you on an Obamacare plan. Options are being limited by these plans.

Common Misconceptions

Misconception: If you like your plan and doctor, you can keep them.

Tell them: The Obama administration came up with this lie to get Obamacare passed. Many Democrats adopted it even though they knew it was false.

Misconception: I will be able to get better insurance at a cheaper rate.

Tell them: That's not true. Rates have risen drastically in almost every state, and the deductibles are higher, meaning you have to pay more before you get financial assistance from your insurance company.