YRNF - A time for family

Dear YRs,

The next several days mark two holidays that many of us will mark with our families.

On Thursday, we celebrate Thanksgiving, an opportunity to share with family, be thankful for those around us, and what we have been blessed with. This day, first marked nationally by the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln on November 25, 1863, to remind a divided country of all it had to be thankful for together.

Tonight, Jewish families gather to mark the first night of Hanukkah, we wish you happy holidays, and a joyous time with family and loved ones. We hope that these eight nights are a time of of blessings and peace. All Americans can be inspired by the story of hope and perseverance of the Maccabees. We wish you happy Hanukkah. 

Jason Weingartner
Chairman, YRNF