- Celebrate Thanksgiving, Not “Black Thursday”

Celebrate Thanksgiving, Not “Black Thursday”

When I was searching the web earlier today, I saw an advertisement for “Black Thursday” at Target. Certain that it couldn’t possibly be what I thought it was–might Target be kicking off the Christmas shopping season the Thursday before Thanksgiving, perhaps?–I clicked the link and learned, to my dismay, that the discount chain will open its doors and launch a massive sales promotion at 8:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day.
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Black Friday protests give shoppers a dose of Big Labor power

Shoppers on Black Friday are probably more interested in finding the best deals on the hottest holiday toys than getting a crash course in progressive politics, but groups targeting Walmart and other major retailers have other plans.

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Happy subsidized Thanksgiving: Taxpayers pay twice for annual feast

U.S. taxpayers have spent hundreds of billions of dollars over the past two decades propping up growers and producers of the food that ends up on their Thanksgiving table.

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