ALG's Daily Grind - EPA Regulations: Browning out America's future


Nov. 4, 2013

EPA Regulations: Browning out America's future

138 coal plants have already shut down since Obama took office, eliminating nearly 10 percent of coal-powered energy generating capacity. 207 more have announced closure over the next decade due to prohibitive EPA regulations.

Time to double dare Harry Reid to eliminate filibuster

There is no point in having a rule to block nominees that is never allowed to be invoked.

Some things you might have missed

The media is consumed as it should be by the massive failure that is and the hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States losing health insurance as a result of Obamacare. But there are a few other stories that shouldn't be lost in the shuffle. Here are two.

Roubini: Bubbles in the broth

"If policymakers go slow on raising rates to encourage faster economic recovery, they risk causing the mother of all asset bubbles, eventually leading to a bust, another massive financial crisis, and a rapid slide into recession."