Political Headlines - November 5, 2013

  • Decision day in historic Boston mayor battle: The election will usher into power John Connolly or Martin Walsh, both of whom have subtly promised a break from Mayor Menino's style of leadership. Reporter Michael Levenson details.
  • Mayoral hopefuls confront racism in Boston: The mayoral candidates spoke at a debate hosted by the Urban League of Massachusetts in Roxbury. They have discussed race, a topic that had been considered too controversial for some time. Reporter Akilah Johnson details.
  • Laboring under a cloud in Boston: Columnist Kevin Cullen has no idea who will emerge the winner at the polls, but he's quite certain who lost most in this mayoral race: union workers.
  • Lessons from the Menino era: Mayor Thomas Menino was effective in part because of his reputation for vindictiveness if he was crossed.  Columnist Farah Stockman commentates.
  • Republican party wants special investigation of Coakley: The Mass. GOP wants the governor to appoint a special investigator to look at Attorney General Martha Coakley's use of her federal political account for questionable expenditures. State House Bureau Chief Frank Phillips details.