Lambert to Kuster: Where Does Obamacare Stand in the 2nd District?

As more Americans continue to lose coverage, 2nd District Constituents Deserve Answers

(Nashua)- Everyday more and more Americans are losing their healthcare coverage despite President Obama’s claim in 2009 that “if you like your doctor or healthcare plan you can keep it”.  However, some studies show that up to 67% of individuals may not be able to keep those healthcare plans that they like.  

As a staunch supporter of Obamacare, Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster owes middle-class Granite Staters some answers.

Gary Lambert, candidate for Congress in the 2nd District asked Congresswoman Kuster the following questions today:  “New Hampshire deserves some answers about Obamacare.  How many 2nd District families have lost their coverage? How many are expected to lose their coverage? And, How many constituents have called your office expressing concerns or questions about the status of their coverage?

Once again, middle-class Granite State families are paying the price at the peril of Washington dysfunction.  Congresswoman Kuster’s website boasts that the exchanges are now open; yet offers no answers to Granite Staters who may lose their family’s health coverage”