NSA Google Hangout with Gov. Gary Johnson

Each and every day, we learn more about the extent to which NSA's spying and data collection are being targeted not just toward foreign threats, but toward American citizens.


Thursday night, Nov. 7, at 7 p.m. PST/ 10 p.m. ESTGovernor Johnson will host a special Google Hangout to specifically discuss the NSA, its abuses, and what can be done to protect our 4th Amendment rights


Gary Johnson looks forward to hearing from you!

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How to watch Google Hangout!

If you are unable to join the hangout via webcam, you can either watch it live on Google Plus or YouTube.

If you can't join us live, you can  watch the Hangout later on YouTube.

How to participate in the Google Hangout!

To participate, you will need a web camera with a microphone, and we recommend you use Google Chrome as your web browser to minimize any technical issues.

If you have a Google Plus account, make sure to add Gov. Gary Johnson to your circle or click here to email us with your email address so that we can add you on our end ahead of time.    

So how do you join?

A few minutes before the Hangout goes live, we will paste the private hangout link on our social media pages: Google+ Event page, Facebook etc.

Next, the first nine people to click on the Hangout link and join the event will be first in line to ask questions. If you are one of those first nine, you should you see your picture at the bottom of the screen.

If you are in line to ask a question, please be sure to mute your mic until Gov. Gary Johnson says your name -- to avoid background noise.

Finally, after you have asked your question, please leave the live Hangout and continue to watch on YouTube or Google+ so others can get a turn to ask questions.

For those who are waiting to ask a question, we recommend you have two screens open: one to watch the town hall and one to click on the link to join the online Google Hangout. If you are unable to join at first, keep trying.

Please note that, once you see your video pop up along the bottom of the Hangout screen, close your other screen to avoid audio feedback,  -- and wait for your turn.