Lambert to Kuster: What are you Doing to Make Obamacare work for Middle-Class Granite Staters?

After avoiding simple questions yesterday, Congresswoman Kuster still owes middle-class Granite Staters an explanation

(Nashua)-  Yesterday, Col. Gary Lambert, candidate for Congress in the 2nd District of New Hampshire asked Congresswoman Kuster a few simple questions on the negative consequences Obamacare is having in New Hampshire: how many Granite Staters will lose their coverage? How concerned are her constituents?

Unfortunately for her constituents, it seems that Congresswoman Kuster is more interested in protecting Washington interests than middle-class Granite Stater’s.

Gary Lambert released the following statement in response: “Yesterday, I asked Congresswoman Kuster how Obamacare is impacting her constituents—her response offered more questions than answers.  She says she is focused on making it work; but the fact is for at least 22,000 Granite Staters it has failed.  And, she has taken absolutely zero action.

Middle-class Granite Staters deserve to know if they will lose their healthcare coverage.  Congresswoman Kuster, what actions have you taken to ensure more families do not lose healthcare coverage they like?"