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Yesterday, states all across America voted to choose new leaders and laws. Christ Christie won big in his New Jersey gubernatorial re-election.

Now, all eyes turn to the White House. 

In Virginia, Republicans left red-faced as Democrats paint Old Dominion blue. 

Watchdog Virginia reporter Kenric Ward has five takeaways from the Democrats' big win in Virginia last night.

And Katie Watson looks ahead with a list of four fiscal woes that Virginia's new governor, Terry McAuliffe, will face in the coming term. 

Franklin Center fellow on Fox & Friends!

Franklin Center fellow Jillian Kay Melchior appeared on Fox and Friends over the weekend to talk about allegations that an Obamacare contractor once defrauded the British government!

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I am the first amendment, and so are you!

Don't let the Department of Justice become a licensing agency for journalists! If you haven't seen it yet, please check out our new #Iam1A video - featuring Michelle Malkin - and get involved!

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