ALG's Daily Grind - McAuliffe victory in Virginia: A big win for Big Labor


Nov. 7, 2013

McAuliffe victory in Virginia: A big win for Big Labor       
Terry McAuliffe was the unions' choice to be Virginia's next governor and they had a plan to get him there.

The tragedy of the elites
By restricting growth via carbon controls, solutions to big problems will become increasingly dependent upon an a priori, top-down, regulatory approach utilizing fewer individuals to achieve innovation and sustainability for a growing population.  

Fighting for right is never wrong
On Obamacare and other issues, there is no room in D.C. for those who have no principles that they are willing to fight for even against overwhelming odds.

Stirewalt: Virginia squeaker sends shivers through Dems
"Voter outrage over the crash landing of ObamaCare nearly wrecked the race. A double-digit lead turned into a three-point scrape. Exit polls showed intense opposition to ObamaCare that helped Cuccinelli, who was written off by the national GOP."