Shaheen For US Senate - Robocalls


With under a year until our election, we’ve just learned that the RNC has launched their first attack: They’re robocalling people around the state, attacking Jeanne.

And it’s clear as day why they’re doing it. They know the only way for them to take back the Senate is by stealing our seat – after all, Jeanne is the first Democrat elected to the Senate from New Hampshire since 1975.

This is just the beginning. You can bet it means more ads are coming very soon, courtesy of national Republicans’ big-dollar donors. To be ready for their attacks, we need your immediate help. We have to meet our rapid response goal of $25,000 by midnight Friday.

Rush $5 or more right away for our rapid response goal of $25,000 so Jeanne can be ready for the next wave of attacks.

These national Republican groups are going to spend every moment from now until the election smearing Jeanne to try and install an extremist in her place. We already know they’ll spend millions of dollars doing it, because they’ve done it before – outside interests spent over $68 million in New Hampshire in 2012.

We’ve seen what a disaster Republican control of the House has been. To stop that from happening in the Senate, we’ve got to defend Jeanne now by building the strongest grassroots campaign in New Hampshire history. We need your help to meet our $25,000 goal by midnight Friday.

Help Jeanne fight back. Give $5 or more to our rapid response fund right away.


Kari Thurman