ALG's Daily Grind - Are American consumers tapped out?


Nov. 8, 2013

Are American consumers tapped out?
The last three quarters GDP has increased even while personal consumption has slowed down. Consumer spending is usually thought to drive economic growth, not run contrary to it. So what gives?

Cartoon: The crook
Has Obama been telling the truth to the American people?

The report of 2013 United States wildfires is 'greatly exaggerated'
Wildfires in 2013 are down 20% from 2012, and less than half the number and acreage burned than in 2006. Indiana Senate leader working toward U.S. constitutional convention
"The leader of the Indiana Senate has invited lawmakers from every state to join him Dec. 7 at Mount Vernon, George Washington's Virginia home, to discuss the state-led process for crafting amendments to the U.S. Constitution."