CEI Today: Beer, natural gas, welfare, and Elizabeth Warren

Monday, December 10, 2013
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Refresh Pa. beer laws; Pennsylvania’s outdated regulations hamstring brewers

For beer lovers in Pennsylvania, good news may be on the horizon. Laws on the books since the end of Prohibition that make it more difficult and expensive for brewers to get their product into consumers’ hands could go the way of the Edsel. > Read more


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National Journal: How Best Can We Use Natural Gas? Should We At All?

This gas is Dow's gas? America's Energy Advantage (AEA), a business coalition spearheaded by Dow Chemical, recently launched a petition campaign against "excessive" natural gas exports. More than 11,000 people have signed the petition, according to AEA's Web site. Their message: "Do Not Export Away Our Natural Gas Advantage!"

Oh the irony! AEA seeks to regulate away U.S. gas companies' first-mover advantage in the global marketplace.
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Washington Post: How Australia’s minimum wage differs from America’s

Eugene Robinson [“An issue Democrats can win on,” op-ed, Dec. 7] argued that America’s minimum wage should be increased in part because it is lower than in some other countries, such as Australia. But the high Australian minimum wage that he cited is misleading, because it doesn’t apply to young workers, who disproportionately lose their jobs in response to minimum wage increases. > Read more

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Politico: Morning Money

The defenders of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign to ‘out’ banks that are donors to think tanks forget why the rule protecting anonymity was introduced in the first place. Racist groups would use donation lists to intimidate donors to civil rights groups in the old south, which is why the 1958 Supreme Court case NAACP v Alabama ruled that anonymous speech was protected.
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