NRSC - Momentum

As we get closer to Election Day, it’s clear that Republicans are poised to take back the majority in 2014.

Poll after poll reaffirms that Republicans have the edge in key states across the country. Take a look:

Michigan: Even a liberal PPP survey shows Republican Terry Lynn Land leading Gary Peters by 2 points. And that’s a +5 Dem sample, when it should be more like +1 / 2 Dem.

Arkansas: Polls show Tom Cotton leading Democratic Sen. Mark Pyror by 7 points, and Cotton is winning independents by 21 points and women by 4 points.

Louisiana: Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu is one of the most vulnerable Senators this cycle. Her support is dropping rapidly -- most recently by more than 10 points amid the Obamacare disaster.

North Carolina: A recent Civitas poll showed that half of North Carolina voters would not vote for Kay Hagan. Even a liberal PPP survey (Disclaimer: PPP is a Hagan donor) shows Hagan’s approval ratings underwater.

Iowa: The numbers out of Iowa show Bruce Braley is beatable by any Republican candidate. The DSCC revealed just how panicked they are by touting a poll showing Bruce Braley in a statistical dead heat with a primary field they’ve been mocking for months.

The polls show Republicans are tied or ahead in the seats listed above, and we haven’t even discussed our double digit leads in West Virginia, South Dakota and Montana.

That’s right – a GOP majority is within our grasp, but we’ll need the resources today to keep our momentum going.

Will you please contribute $100, $50, or $25 to help us build aggressive, winning campaigns for our candidates?

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Ward Baker
NRSC Political Director