Shaheen For US Senate - FEC Filing

Friends – this is important.

Between Scott Brown and Bob Smith, there are huge threats to Jeanne and our Senate majority next year. And they’re flush with cash: last year, Brown and his billionaire backers spent over $35 million on his last Senate campaign.

The only way to win is to make our $85,000 goal by the FEC reporting deadline on December 31. We’re still $68,093 away, and Jeanne’s counting on you to get us there – it’s what will let us defend ourselves against our opponents as well as Karl Rove and his Super PACs next year.

We can’t put this off – Jeanne needs your help making this goal. Please help defend her with a contribution right now.

Give $5 or more now to defend Jeanne and our Senate majority.


Andy Darkins

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jeanne Shaheen
Date: Thu, Dec 5, 2013
Subject: filing


If you didn't get a chance to donate when Kari wrote, I hope you'll take a moment now.

Between Massachusetts’ Scott Brown, who’s coming again to New Hampshire today, and radical Bob Smith, who’s filing papers to run, we could face the unprecedented challenge of running against two former senators – because the GOP has to defeat me to take the Senate. Karl Rove and his billionaire-funded Super PACs will have a candidate to pour millions into. Outside groups could spend more than the $21 million they did in New Hampshire in 2012.

If we don’t respond immediately, we risk our entire Senate majority. I need you to come through now before the FEC quarterly filing deadline, because it’s absolutely critical we’re well-funded entering 2014.

Winning will take the strongest grassroots campaign in New Hampshire history. I need your help raising $85,000 by December 31 to grow our team and survive the Super PAC onslaught.

Contribute $5 or more right away to give us what we need to fight back against the coming attacks.

They think I’m vulnerable because I’m the only Democratic senator elected from New Hampshire in 30 years. Let’s show them they’re wrong by stepping up before this deadline, now.

I’m grateful for all your help in this fight.