NHDP - NHDP to Scott Brown: Granite Staters Deserve To Know, Whose Side Are You On?

Shadow Lobbyist Scott Brown Must Tell New Hampshire Which Special Interests Are Lining His Pockets

Concord - Because the people of New Hampshire deserve to know which special interests are lining shadow lobbyist* Scott Brown's pockets since he left the Senate, the New Hampshire Democratic Party today is calling on Brown to release a list of his post-Senate clients that he has been working for ever since voters rejected him last November.  The NHDP is launching a campaign that uses paid advertisements and online organizing tools to convince Brown to disclose whose side he’s on and tell New Hampshire how he has been getting rich selling his government experience and influence to corporate special interests. 
The petition can be found here: http://nhdp.org/tell-scott-brown-to-come-clean/.  To see a preview of the ad click here.
“Shadow lobbyist Scott Brown is so desperate to get back to Washington to represent Wall Street, big banks, and big oil that he doesn't care what state he runs from," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein. "But we don't know just whose bidding he has been doing since he decided to cash in.”
“Before Scott Brown once again slinks across the border trying to pass himself off as a Granite Stater, he should come clean by disclosing a list of the clients he has been advising immediately. Granite Staters deserve to know which special interests have been lining his pockets since he left the Senate," Kirstein added. 
Brown currently serves as a shadow lobbyist for the firm Nixon Peabody where by he is reportedly "cashing in on his contacts with the financial services industry, which he helped oversee in the Senate." Brown "received hefty donations from the industry during his race last year" and throughout his career which resulted in him being nicknamed Wall Street's favorite senator.  
The NHDP’s ads will run beginning today and up to Brown’s visit to New Hampshire next week.
In 2012, Brown called on Elizabeth Warren to release a list of her legal clients and in his attacks suggested that elected officials had a responsibility to disclose the source of their income. Brown did not disclose his own legal clients at the time, however, which displays a level of secrecy and hypocrisy that won’t fly in New Hampshire.
*A shadow lobbyist is a person who exploits loopholes in reporting laws to keep from registering as a lobbyist.  Former elected officials often utilize reporting loopholes to circumvent the 2-year ban on lobbying, as well as to preserve future electoral prospects.
REPORT: Brown Joined Nixon Peabody Where He Would Focus On “Matters Relating To The Financial Services Industry.” “Former senator Scott Brown said today he is joining the Boston law firm of Nixon Peabody, where he will focus on matters relating to the financial services industry and commercial real estate.” [Boston Globe, Political Intelligence, 3/11/13]

REPORT: Brown’s New Firm Said He Would “Be Involved In Businessand Governmental Affairs” Including A “Focus On The Financial Services Industry.” “The firm said Brown would be involved in business and governmental affairs, with a focus on the financial services industry and commercial real estate.” [Associated Press, 3/11/13]

Brown Said He’d Be Able To Use His “Expertise” On DC Politics At New Firm. “Brown said he would be able to share his ‘expertise’ in “the jungle of Washington politics.” [Commonwealth Magazine, 3/11/13]

Brown Said He Would Navigate “The Jungle Of Washington Politics” For Clients. “Brown is prohibited by federal rules from lobbying for two years after leaving the Senate, but told reporters he didn’t plan on doing any of that at Nixon Peabody, saying he would help clients navigate the ‘jungle of Washington politics and letting them know maybe a better way, or a different way, of doing things.’” [Associated Press, 3/11/13]

REPORT: Brown’s New Job Allowed Him “To Begin Cashing In On His Contacts With The Financial Services Industry” He Oversaw In The Senate. “The job allows Brown to begin cashing in on his contacts with the financial services industry, which he helped oversee in the Senate. He received hefty donations from the industry during his race last year against Warren.” [Boston Globe, Political Intelligence, 3/11/13]

·      REPORT: Brown Would “Be Leaning Heavily On His Washington Contacts” To Earn Business For His New Firm. “Brown, who lost his seat to Elizabeth Warren last year, will work out of the firm’s Boston office, according to a press release from Nixon Peabody. Though he will be leaning heavily on his Washington contacts to drum up business for the firm, he will not be a lobbyist, according to Nixon Peabody officials.” [Boston Globe, Political Intelligence, 3/11/13]