CEI Today: Cell phones in-flight, EPA fraudster, and fixing regulation

Friday, December 13, 2013
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CEI Applauds FCC Efforts on Ending In-Flight Cell Phone Ban

New technology is able to provide in-flight mobile wireless services without the risk of ground network interference that was the basis for the FCC’s prohibition of the use of transmitting 800 MHz cellular devices over two decades ago. Unfortunately, some in Congress wish to deny air carriers and consumers the freedom to experiment with different in-flight wireless practices. These foolish legislative interventions are based on false pretexts and should be rejected.
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> Interview Marc Scribner


Globalwarming.org: EPA Administrator McCarthy’s Star Turn in “The Spy Who Duped Me”

The plot is thickening with regard to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s role in l’affaire Beale, the case of the phony spy who duped the agency out of almost a million dollars in undeserved bonuses and reimbursements. 

EPA continues to claim that McCarthy uncovered Beale’s CIA scheme, and then forced him to retire. But, for the next 19 months, due to “lax oversight,” this high ranking official continued to draw a paycheck, a circumstance of which McCarthy was aware since at least March 2012. > Read more

> Interview William Yeatman


American Spectator: The Legislature's First Job Is Not to Legislate

Democratic governance isn’t about a majority doing whatever it wants, much less when that involves advancing a president’s agenda. Congress, in effect, has abandoned its purpose within our system of separation of powers, and needs to turn back. What can Congress do to that end? There are two things.

A good start would be to appoint a Bipartisan Regulatory Reduction Commission to review the most expensive, burdensome rules, as well as ones that have outlived their purpose. It would then submit to Congress a package of rules to repeal, subject to an up-or-down vote, without amendment. Such a model served the Base Realignment and Closure commission well. Then, it should move to repeal many of the laws that granted the Executive excessive power to create those burdensome rules in the first place.
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> Interview Iain Murray

CEI Podcast for December 12, 2013: The Affordable Care Act’s Marriage Penalties

The Affordable Care Act’s subsides and tax credits are structured in such a way as to cause thousands of dollars worth of penalties for many married couples. CEI Senior Attorney Hans Bader proposes phasing them out as income rises to soften the blow.




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