Shaheen For US Senate - Ends

Jeanne Shaheen


Millions of Americans working full time jobs have trouble making ends meet. Raising the minimum wage would help them – but it’s been frozen for four years.

A family of four that earns minimum wage lives below the poverty line. And in New Hampshire, nearly 70% of minimum and low wage workers are women. It’s unacceptable – no American working full time should have to worry about putting food on the table or decide between heat and gasoline.

A higher minimum wage would spur economic growth and lift millions of hardworking Americans out of poverty. We must do right by our workers.

There’s legislation in the Senate that would raise the minimum wage, but congressional Republicans are blocking it at every turn. Stand with my colleagues and me now in supporting a living wage for all American workers.

Click here to stand with my colleagues and me for a living wage for all American workers.

Raising the minimum wage is a common sense measure – it’s supported by 80% of Americans, and the 13,000 minimum wage workers in New Hampshire deserve better. To make it happen, we need Congress to hear our voices. Join me now in making sure all hardworking Americans are fairly compensated for their efforts.

Tell Congress: Raise the minimum wage!