Andy Martin demands Scott Brown release Brown's financial deals

New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says former Senator Scott Brown has become a “de facto” candidate who should release details of his financial arrangements and legal activity


Andy says Brown is being tainted by Jennifer Horn’s visibility in Brown’s “campaign”


Andy accuses Brown of betraying the voters of Massachusetts and the American people


Andy says “Having betrayed Massachusetts, I can understand why Brown wants to escape to New Hampshire


(Manchester, NH) (December 13, 2013) New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference today, Friday, December 13th to demand that former Senator Scott Brown provide details of his financial affairs as regards Brown’s seeking to influence legislation and as a commentator for Fox News. Andy is out of town conducting a campaign investigation.  


Andy’s letter to Brown follows:



Andy Martin

Republican for U.S. Senator


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December 13, 2013


Scott Brown, Esq.

Nixon Peabody

100 Summer Street

Boston, MA 02110-2131

via fax (617) 345-1300


Dear Scott:


I am writing to ask that you release details of your financial affairs as regards the law firm of Nixon Peabody, Fox News and other organizations or individuals with whom you may have a financial arrangement (including speaking fees). There is no doubt in my mind that your sustained activity in New Hampshire and your unholy alliance with Jennifer Horn renders you a de facto candidate under the standards established by the Federal Election Commission.


In 2009-2010 I did extensive research on Mark Kirk, and disclosed ( that he was a military fraud. Kirk regaled newspaper editors with tales of imaginary battles he had fought, and imaginary medals he had won. Kirk’s claims were all lies (or delusions). All of my negative research was subsequently vindicated.


We now have a number of campaign investigations under way. I have a track record of devastating my opponents with facts and evidence, not bloviating and bs. I exposed Barack Obama as an imposter in 2004. In 2008 I led the “Republican” opposition to Obama, see


One of Obama’s thugs attacked me by name on national television. I wonder why. Evidently they were worried by my efforts.


Ironically, Jennifer Horn attacked me for exposing Obama. What’s in her wallet (or her IRS lien)?


In 2012 I tried to energize Mitt Romney, to no avail.


I. The need for essential and immediate Financial Disclosures


I ask that you make the foregoing financial disclosures before December 19th when you appear in Nashua, when I will be outside protesting your presence in the Granite State.


In this letter I would like to explain why I feel you must release your financial details and why I would invite you to run if you feel the need to do so.


We have already seen the predictable tit-for-tat between New Hampshire Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats asked for your financials, and Jennifer Horn countered with a demand for similar information from Jeanne Shaheen’s husband.


I have a suggestion: why don’t both of you release all of your financial arrangements? People are tired of insider deals and so-called public officials profiting from side-door income generated through their spouses. Senator Dick Durbin’s wife is a “lobbyist.” Forcing Shaheen to release her side-door moneymaking, and forcing you to disclose your side-door moneymaking, makes sense for both political parties.


I was one of those people who were happy when you won in 2010. I was also one of those who were disappointed by your performance in office. Allow me to explain.


II. Why I want to you to run/not run


I am ambivalent about your candidacy. If you sincerely want to run for the senate from New Hampshire I encourage you to do so. I would welcome a “major league” opponent instead of the “Three Zombies” who are currently opposing me in the primary.


I want to ask you why you initially ran on a platform of reform, and then in the senate became a typical reactionary Republican who fixated on collecting dirty dollars from Wall Street.


You opposed the Volcker Rule. I support it. You want to encourage banks to speculate with government-inured deposits. For shame.


You opposed financial reforms that would protect the public. I support them.


I am for avoiding another financial collapse; you fought hard for policies that ensure we could have another Great Recession or even Depression. But you were paid well by Wall Street for your betrayal. And you were repaid by the voters of Massachusetts whom you betrayed.


III. You were a poor candidate the last time around


When you ran for reelection in 2012 your campaign was a disaster. Elizabeth Warren had never run for office before, she was a lawyerly candidate (I do not mean that as a compliment) and she had all of the personal magnetism of a dead cat. She also misled the public about her ethic origins (remember “Fauxcahontas”), thus establishing herself as a typical affirmative action huckster. And she beat you. Why?


Warren at least believed in something. And what Warren generally believed in benefited ordinary citizens.


You, on the other and, were stuffing your pockets with Wall Street cash, and you have continued to do so since leaving the senate. You offered no vision of a better financial world for ordinary citizens. You wanted to continue the regime that had crashed the banks and thrown millions of helpless victims out of work. You had the powers of incumbency, and lost to a challenger. Now you want to move to New Hampshire to become a challenger against an incumbent. Hello?


Elizabeth Warren may have been a pushover as an opponent but she pushed you over. Jeanne Shaheen is no pushover. Shaheen is a hard-core leftist. Why you couldn’t beat Warren but think you can waltz back into office by defeating Shaheen mystifies me. In 2011 and 2012, Republicans drugged themselves into believing a “ham sandwich” could defeat Obama in 2012. The ham sandwich lost.


Republicans have repeatedly nominated out-of-the-mainstream candidates in other states, and repeatedly forfeited a possible senate majority. There is no doubt in my mind that despite what Jennifer Horn whispers in your ear you are way out of the mainstream in New Hampshire.


New Hampshire voters have constantly selected pragmatists and rejected extremists on issues such as abortion and other hot button topics. Over the past twenty years the New Hampshire Republican Party has gone steadily downhill, despite an occasional win in off-years. New Hampshire is not a purple state; it is a Blue State. But it is a typically New Hampshire anomaly, a conservative “blue” state.


I would love to attack you for opposing the Volcker Rule and for fighting against financial reform, and for being well-paid by Wall Street to do so. Instead of being on the side of the average “Joe” and “Josephine,” you were a handmaiden for the malefactors of great wealth that had crashed our economy. And, yes, the bad guys were both Democrats and Republicans.


I am a partisan Republican; but when it comes to consumer protection and fighting financial corruption I am totally nonpartisan. I will fight for Main Street, not Wall Street.


Given your track record of betraying Massachusetts voters and betraying the American people, I understand why you want to escape to New Hampshire. But, apart from Jennifer Horn, who used her federal income tax payments as a piggy bank to fund her own congressional campaigns, and may still have a $90,000 IRS tax lien on her home, why would anyone in New Hampshire trust either you or Horn to manage their affairs when neither of you could manage your own?


Welcome to New Hampshire. Now let the financial disclosures begin. The campaign is under way and you are already under attack for accepting support from a GOP state chairman with an IRS tax lien on her home. Live Free or Die.


With regards,