Franklin Center - The Best Worst Job Ever


Why Being A Journalist Is The Best Worst Job Ever ranked newspaper reporters as having the worst job in 2013. But here at the Franklin Center, there’s nothing else we’d rather be doing.

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Doing The Work No One Else Wants To

The Discovery Channel may never have featured print journalism on its hit series Dirty Jobs, but according to data compiled by, newspaper reporters have the “worst” job in America, beating out garbage collectors, meter readers, dock workers, and even dishwashers. In terms of demands, stress, salary, and job security, journalists have it tougher than just about everyone else in the civilian workforce–yet their work remains vitally important to keeping our country on track.

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VIDEO: What, exactly, is dark money?

Franklin Center president Jason Stverak appeared on Fox News to answer that question and give a little preview of what we can expect from next year!

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