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Changing Taxes Should Not Make the State More Money

Rep. David Hess wants to tax me but at least he’s going about it the right way. Too often tax reform is a sneaky way of raising taxes. New Hampshire’s history of recent tax reforms shows it doesn’t have to be. Tax reform, simplification, and loophole elimination often fail at the state and federal level because the politicians use reform as a guise to increase revenues. Rep. Hess isn’t and should be applauded for that whether you like his proposal or not...Click here to keep reading.


November Obamacare Exchange Numbers Released

Only 1300 NH residents signed up

"The end result is that though Obamacare was designed to improve access to affordable healthcare, the majority of New Hampshire residents buying health insurance through the exchanges likely doing so either because their existing plan was canceled, or because they did not want to have insurance and are now required to have it."  Click here to keep reading.

Curious where your Tax Dollars Go?
NHOpenGov is the Center's government transparency project detailing every last transaction made by the state since 2008. We update our data on a regular basis and have more than 3.5 million transactions in our database. Help us to find government waste! Click here to start looking.