NHDP - Breaking News: Effort Underway to Draft Bill O'Brien for Governor

Friend --

Moments ago, we learned that prominent Republicans are banding together in an effort to  encourage disgraced former Speaker and failed Congressional candidate Bill O'Brien for Governor.  

Stand up and help us stop Bill O'Brien with a contribution of $50, $25, or $10 right now.  

After just one term as Speaker of the House, New Hampshire voters threw Bill O'Brien and his radical Tea Party allies out of power.  His failed tenure as Speaker was noted for his efforts to repeal funding for Planned Parenthood and ban contraceptives for women, attempts to repeal marriage equality, the repeal of the minimum wage, and the scandalous resignation of his Majority Leader.  

New Hampshire deserves better than Bill O'Brien as Governor.  Join me today and chip in $10 or more to stop his efforts.

Thank you for your efforts,
Raymond Buckley, Chair
New Hampshire Democratic Party