AFPNH - Thank You, Senator Ayotte

Thursday night the House of Representatives passed the Ryan-Murray budget deal and broke their promises to the American people that they would control runaway spending in Washington. Now it's up to the Senate to stop this bloated legislation from becoming law. The Senate is going to vote soon, and they need to hear from you before they do.

Thank Senator Ayotte for going on the record to oppose this bad deal for New Hampshire taxpayers!

This deal dramatically increases spending and violates Congress's previous agreement to get it under control this year. It would allow the federal government to spend over a trillion dollars in FY14-meaning that it will spend $45 billion more next year. The deal also undoes $65 billion in current spending reductions that were already the law of the land in order to increase federal spending for the next two years.

American taxpayers deserve spending cuts now, not promises to cut spending down the road. That's why AFP strongly opposes this Ryan-Murray deal, and we will key vote against this legislation in both chambers and include the vote in our congressional scorecard. We need your help to contact Senator Shaheen and tell her that you oppose this budget - we can't afford another trillion-dollar backdoor deal in New Hampshire.

Remind Senator Shaheen to stand strong and follow Senator Ayotte's example to keep her promise on spending control. Click here to take action.

Live free or die,

Greg Moore
New Hampshire State Director
Americans for Prosperity