Andy Martin calls Scott Brown "stooge" for "Crazy Joe Ricketts"

New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says former Senator Scott Brown is a sellout to Chicago billionaire “Crazy Joe Ricketts”


Andy says Brown is being tainted by association with Rickets and his crooked Chicago cash


Andy accuses Brown of betraying the voters of Massachusetts and the American people and now betraying the people of New Hampshire by bringing in “Chicago money” to big foot local Republican candidates


Andy says “Having betrayed Massachusetts, I can understand why Brown wants to escape to New Hampshire; having sold out to Wall Street in 2012, Brown is already selling his vote to Wall Street billionaires in 2014”


(Manchester, NH) (December 17, 2013) New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference today, Tuesday, December 17th to [1] demand that dingbat billionaire “Crazy Joe Ricketts” cease and desist from his efforts to reelect Jeanne Shaheen by promoting the disgraced former Senator Scott Brown, and [2] announce a news conference at the Manchester City Hall for Thursday, December 19th at 11:00 A.M. to attack the Brown/Ricketts connection.


“In 2012 ‘Crazy Joe Ricketts’ had to be locked in a vault by his own children, to keep his pro-Romney activity from negatively impacting the family’s ownership of the Chicago Cubs,” Andy says. [See link below] “Now Ricketts is backing disgraced former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown who was bounced out of office by a rookie law professor. Brown did not learn his lesson in 2012: Wall Street cash helps defeat Republicans, not elect them.


“The type of interstate political opportunism represented by Brown and Ricketts is only helping Jeanne Shaheen, and helping reelect her. In 2012, Ricketts’ shenanigans embarrassed Mitt Romney and in some small way helped reelect Barack Obama [link below].


“Last week I accused Scott Brown of being a stooge for Wall Street millionaires. A few days later, ‘Crazy Joe Ricketts’ the Chicago billionaire who had to be locked in a vault during the 2012 election, by his own family to avoid costing the family support from Rahm Emanuel, steps up with dirty dollars to support Brown in New Hampshire. Why is ‘Chicago’ buying votes in New Hampshire? Because Scott Brown is for sale as a Wall Street stooge.


“New Hampshire voters will emphatically reject a defrocked senator from Massachusetts who is being brokered by the dirty dollars of a Wall Street speculator from Chicago.


“If Brown has genuine grass roots support in New Hampshire he should reject any outside backing and limit his fund raising to New Hampshire sources. But Brown has no support in New Hampshire except that of IRS tax lien-encumbered state chairman Jennifer Horn. So Brown is turning to dirty dollars from his Wall Street puppet-masters, initially in the form of cash from Chicago billionaire Ricketts. Brown’s campaign is already a failure and will backfire on both Brown and Horn.


“I call on Joe Ricketts to keep his dirty dollars in Chicago where his family has him quarantined to avoid offending Obama crony Rahm Emanuel. Ricketts is begging the downtrodden taxpayers of Chicago to help subsidize renovations to Wrigley Field. Ricketts should stop trying to browbeat the people of New Hampshire because his efforts are backfiring and helping Shaheen, not hurting her.


“Outside money-fueled Massachusetts refugees such as Scott Brown only help Jeanne Shaheen. Shaheen is vulnerable to a new Hampshire-based campaign. She becomes a ‘victim’ when money starts pouring in from Crazy Joe and his Wall Street sock puppet Scott Brown.”


Andy will hold a news conference in front of the Manchester City Hall Thursday morning, December 19th, as part of his response to Brown’s appearance later Thursday in Nashua.