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Lambert for Congress Releases New Splash Page

Gary Lambert for Congress

Granite Staters Deserve to Know the Truth about Congresswoman Kuster

(Nashua)- This morning Lambert for Congress released a new splash page when visitors go to www.LambertforCongress.com; they will be greeted by the viral video that made national news of Congresswoman Kuster dodging questions from constituents regarding Benhgazi.

The splash page can be viewed here: http://lambertforcongress.com/benghazi

Col. Gary Lambert, candidate for Congress in the 2nd District said: “This video of an out-of-touch politician is exactly why Granite Staters are so frustrated with Washington. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, constituents deserve serious answers to serious questions.  Congressomwan Kuster’s effort to dodge this question, is unfortunately, what some have come to expect from Washington politicans.”

The splash page will be accompanied by a digital ad campaign targeting voters of the Second District encouraging them to watch the video.

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