New Hampshire Democratic Party Statement on the Democratic Special Election Victory

Concord, N.H - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement after the Democratic vicotry in tonight's special election in Durham and Madbury.  It is the fifth special election New Hampshire Democrats won this year.  Democrat Amanda Merrill defeated Republican candidate Diedre Lepkowski 592-84.

"The people of Durham and Madbury sent a clear message that they want responsible Democratic representatives working for them in Concord. Amanda Merrill's enormous win tonight is not just a victory for the people of Durham and Madbury, but one for the entire state. She has a proven record of finding commonsense solutions that voters know and trust.  I want to congratulate Representative-elect Merrill on her victory tonight, and I look forward to seeing her sworn in at the State House very soon.

"As Democrats pick up their 5th special election victory of 2013 tonight, it is unmistakably clear that twelve months later the New Hampshire Republican State Committee continues to be just as out of touch with traditional New Hampshire values as they were last fall when voters rejected them up and down the ballot and all across the state.  Candidates with an R next to their name are paying the price at the polls for the NHGOP's Tea Party rhetoric."