NHDP - Ayotte Sides with Tea Party on Hypocritical Budget Vote

Now, she’s FOR a Government Shutdown and against a long term budget compromise
Does Ayotte Think GOP Pals John McCain And Paul Ryan Are Unfairly Targeting Military For Cuts?

Concord – Kelly Ayotte joined Tea Party extremists in her hypocritical vote against a bipartisan budget compromise that will help avoid another government shut down this morning.

“Does Ayotte think that her pals Paul Ryan and John McCain are unfairly targeting veterans?” asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.  “This is a desperate and pathetic attempt to distract from the fact that she is standing with radical Congresswoman Michele Bachman and the far rightwing of her party against this bipartisan deal that avoids another unnecessary government shutdown.”

Ayotte’s claims that cuts “disproportionately and unfairly target" the military were quickly refuted by her Republican colleagues.  Senator John McCain and 11 other Senate Republicans voted to move the deal forward this morning, joining a majority of both Democrats and Republicans in the House who voted to pass it last week.  Meanwhile Wisconsin Congressman and 2012 GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan responded directly to Ayotte's claims.  

Ryan defended the deal noting that it “kept the military retiree in a far better position than the civilian” and that “without this deal two things would happen: The military would have borne the full force of these cuts starting in January. And we would have at least one more government shutdown drama.”  [Weekly Standard, 12/15/2013]
McCain, who traveled the country warning of the dangers of cuts to the military with Ayotte last year, said he would back the deal because “it would soften the blow of sequestration’s cuts on the Pentagon and reduce the likelihood of another government shutdown next year.” [Politico, 12/13/2014]
 “Everything Ayotte has ever said about bipartisanship can be tossed out the window,” concluded Buckley.  “It is impossible to square Ayotte’s claims of wanting to work together with her vote against the budget deal.  She is a loyal vote for the Tea Party, when they say jump, her only concern is how high.”

“New Hampshire has one message for Kelly Ayotte: Where’s the beef?” continued Buckley.  “Senator Ayotte has served on the budget committee for three years now, if she doesn’t like this bipartisan compromise, would she prefer to force another shutdown the government?”
Ayotte's opposition to the compromise puts her at odds with a majority of Republicans and Democrats across the country who are supporting the deal which reduces the deficit by more than $20 Billion.  After the government shutdown in October, Ayotte claimed to be willing to “work together even though we come from different parties so that we don't go from crisis to crisis in managing this nation” and that “with this agreement [to end the shutdown] that we are able to come to a longer term - a budget for the nation” – two promises broken by opposing this deal.  [Ayotte.senate.gov]