AFP - They caved...

By now you've heard how Republican Paul Ryan worked with Democrat Patty Murray to quickly move a budget deal through the House, which we expect to be passed by the Senate very soon. You also know that AFP strongly opposed this budget deal, for the simple reason that it broke the promise of moderate spending limits set by the bipartisan Budget Control Act of 2011.

Unfortunately, most Democrats and even many Republicans in Congress are in favor of a deal that breaks their promise to rein in government spending. From House Republicans, we're hearing that this deal is the best they can do, and that it's better to cave in on spending now to put the focus back on fighting ObamaCare. We know that just isn't true.

Many Republicans also bristle at anyone who is critical of the so-called Ryan-Murray Budget, saying that opposing the deal is equivalent to calling for another unproductive government shutdown. They are wrong.

When it comes to government spending, supporters of limited government can stand firm on principle, aggressively oppose the harmful policies of ObamaCare, and do so without threatening a government shutdown.

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips explains that strategy in a recently published article in Politico. AFP wants to do what's best for all Americans by sticking to our conservative values rather than caving to political pressure.

As is so often the case, bad politics leads to bad policy.

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