Cryans For Executive Council #1 - Did you hear the news?











Democrat wins Special Election with 88% of vote.  Keep the momentum going today.

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Did you hear the news?  

In yesterday's special election in Strafford County, Democrat Mandy Merrill won with nearly 90% of the vote!  Her victory was the fifth special election success for Democrats in 2013.  


On March 11, we face another special election as Mike Cryans is running to fill the vacant Executive Council seat in District 1.  As you can see, this district covers more than half the state geographically, so every dollar Mike raises is critical to help him Get Out the Vote on Election Day.  

Mike has been crisscrossing the district over the last month, but can't do this alone.  Your help is necessary to help Mike win this seat.

Join me today and support Mike with a contribution of $100, $50, or whatever you can afford:

Mike's election could come down to just a few hundred votes, so every dollar he raises is critical to help spread his message across the district.

Over the past year, the Executive Council has voted on many important issues - funding of Planned Parenthood, the implementation of a state-run health care exchange, expansion of passenger rail - and Mike's voice is needed in Concord to work with Governor Hassan and me on these important issues.  

Contribute today and support Mike's campaign.

Best wishes,
Councilor Christopher Pappas